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Evicted WWII Vet Johnnie Hodges, Age 90, Receives Generous Donations

homeless veterans and denied claims support90-year-old Johnnie Hodges made a vow to never leave his Buffalo, NY home, the home he has lived in for more than 50 years. Unfortunately, on July 9th, he was taken from the home he loved so much. While he sat on his front porch, law enforcement and paramedics moved him to a gurney and removed him from his home.

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Unfortunately, Hodges lost his home due to foreclosure. He fell behind on the mortgage payments as he cared for his wife, who passed from Alzheimers disease in 2014. Hodges is currently living in a senior citizens apartment complex in Cheektowaga, as he and his family, along with the help of some very generous donors, work to get his house back.

When word got out about this Navy veterans plight, it gained attention from several news outlets as well as individuals who wanted to help. Stories about his upcoming eviction ran in The Buffalo News and The Washington Post, and were featured on local news stations as well as the Greatest Generations Foundation website. This attention led Greg Elwood, who had never met Hodges before, to set up a GoFundMe account to collect donations in an effort to help the veteran stay in his beloved home.

The government has also been working with Hodgess daughter, Robin. After the Federal Housing Authority, a division of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, guaranteed payment of the mortgage to the foreclosing bank, the house was appraised at $46,000. It was removed from a list of available properties, giving the Hodges family time to raise money to purchase the home. HUDs Homeownership Center is working with Robin, providing support and helping to speed up the home buying process.

To date, 432 donors have raised $18,925 of the $50,000 goal through the GoFundMe benefiting Hodges. Robin states that her father is overwhelmed with the outpouring of support he has received from fellow Americans, as well as the international support he has received. Unfortunately, Hodgess story has also made him the victim of hoaxes two individuals claimed to be making large donations and providing additional assistance, but were found to be hoaxes.

Mr. Hodges is eager to return to his home on Humboldt Parkway. Thats my home, he says. Thats where I want to be the rest of my life. Elwood is hopeful the fundraising goal will soon be reached and that Hodges will be settled back in his home by Veterans Day.

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