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Inspector General Hotline

Federal regulations require VA employees, including servicemen and women, to report any actual or possible violations of the law.

The Inspector General Act of 1978 gave the OIG Hotline the authority to accept complaints and the Hotline Division (53E) is a component of the OIG Office of Management and Administration.

What Does the OIG Hotline Do?

The OIG hotline receives and screens calls which are then referred to the correct office for further review. Cases are accepted on a basis of how much potential risk there is to veterans, VA programs and operations.

Some examples of issues you may report to the OIG include:

  • Criminal activity
  • Patient safety issues
  • Gross mismanagement of VA programs or services
  • Fraud
  • Misconduct by senior VA officials

However, there are some issues the OIG may not accept, such as issues that may be handled in another legal forum or routine health care disputes.

What Happens if I File a Report?

Complaints to the OIG may remain confidential and the Inspector General Act protects a complainant who wishes to remain anonymous.

Should a case be opened for further review of the allegations, the appropriate OIG component or non-OIG VA program office will review the matter. Non-OIG VA offices may respond to cases within 60 days, though some allegations may be resolved much faster.

The OIG will respond to all complaints by telephone or in writing. However, if the complainant remains anonymous a response may not be received. A hotline complaint decision cannot be appealed.

In some cases, a veteran or VA employee who reports criminal or unlawful activity may be eligible to receive a monetary reward.

Learn more about the OIG hotline and how to contact the OIG on the VA’s website.



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