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There are a variety of disabilities and disorders that may qualify a veteran for disability benefits through the VA. If you believe you may be suffering from a service-connected injury or mental health issue, we encourage you to learn more about your condition and how it affects eligibility for VA benefits.

If you believe you have a qualifying disorder for veterans benefits, learn more about filing for different types of veterans disability claims.

Gulf War Syndrome

Information about Gulf War SyndromeLearn about the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, common hazards that can cause the illness, and how we can help you.

Suicidal Thoughts & Behavior

veterans and suicideConcerned about a loved one’s suicidal thoughts, behaviors or actions? Learn about the warning signs and how you can help your loved one.


symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorderPost-traumatic stress disorder has four types of symptoms. Learn what to look out for so you can seek proper treatment and begin to heal.

Effects of Agent Orange

Effects of herbicides and agent orange on veteransAgent Orange has been linked to a number of qualifying disorders for which vets can receive benefits. Get the list and more in-depth info.

TBI & Polytrauma

Polytrauma and Traumatic Brain InjuryPolytrauma, a service-connected disability that usually involves TBI and another injury, can be hard to diagnose. Learn about the symptoms.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse and Substance use disorders (SUD)Many veterans turn to drugs or alcohol to cope; many will develop a substance use disorder (SUD) or succumb to addiction.

Social Anxiety

anxiety disorders among military veteransThere is a variety of anxiety disorders that a vet may experience as a result of their service. Learn about common issues for veterans.

Mental Illness

mental illnesses in american veteransDo you know a servicemember who is displaying unusual behavior? Learn signs of mental illness and how it is diagnosed.


depression in military vetsDepression occurs often in veterans. Find out if depression qualifies you for disability benefits, how to pursue treatment, and more.


cancers affecting us servicemembersHave you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer? Some cancers are common in servicemembers. Get the list here.

Type II Diabetes

diabetes in war vetsDid you know that diabetes has been linked to herbicide exposure? Learn whether vets with diabetes are eligible for disability benefits.

How We Help Can Help You

Whether you are appealing a denial of benefits or appealing an award of insufficient benefits, Vets National Advocates has the knowledge you need on your side.

Our advocates for disabled veterans understand the procedures used by the VA, and we know that seeking benefits for disabilities can sometimes be a complex process.

You’ve deserve disability compensation – you’ve earned it. Helping Veterans, It’s What We Do.
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