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Afghanistan Veterans Benefits and Resources

As thousands of servicemembers make their way back home, many are trying to figure out where to turn to when they need help.

In 2012, it was estimated that 720,000 veterans who had returned from Iraq and Afghanistan sought compensation for service-related injuries.1 Additionally, a report released in January 20142 estimated that 50,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were homeless or in a federal program aimed at homelessness prevention in 2013.

The VA estimates that 24 percent of veterans’ benefits claims come from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

If you or a loved one needs assistance with your Afghanistan veterans benefits claim, Vets National Advocates is here to help.

Finding the right resources can help Afghanistan veterans get their lives back on track as well as have a support system readily available. The following are a few resources for veterans who have returned home from Afghanistan.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

This non-profit, non-partisan organization works to improve the lives of Afghanistan veterans and their families through advocacy. In 2012, the IAVA helped improve the lives of 380,000 veterans and their families though mental and physical care, employment opportunities and veterans benefits assistance. The IAVA offers a free membership and a variety of opportunities for veterans and their families to get involved in community projects. To learn more visit iava.org.


The VA offers a variety of Afghanistan veterans benefits from educational assistance to healthcare to disability compensation. The VA also offers vocational training and employment assistance, home loans and benefits for special groups such as minority veterans, Native American veterans and homeless vets.


This non-partisan organization is dedicated to helping Iraq and Afghanistan veterans deal with the psychological trauma of war through peer support. Vets4Vets provides free weekend workshops that focus on peer support and discussion of experiences and hardships in a confidential setting. More than 2,000 veterans have attended workshops over the past few years. There are several groups across the country, some of which hold weekly support groups.

To learn more about Vets4Vets visit www.vets4vets.us.

Iraq Veterans against the War (IVAW)

The IVAW was founded in 2004 and primarily calls for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, however, it also calls for the withdrawal of occupying forces in Afghanistan. The IVAW has members across the United States and overseas working to educate the public about the wars and to create a movement that ends militarism. The IVAW is open to active duty, National Guard and reservists who have been in the service since Sept. 2011. Visit www.ivaw.org to learn more.

Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation

The Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation provides traumatically injured servicemen and women from Iraq and Afghanistan a therapeutic retreat in Montana. Each year the foundation brings wounded warriors to Montana for a six-day getaway of fly fishing and recreation. The program provides transportation, accommodations, meals and more. For more information on how to participate or donate to the foundation visit warriorsandquietwaters.org.

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