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Roughly 5.7 million Americans served in the Korean War. These veterans are more likely to suffer disabilities related to exposure to severely cold climates, and service-related injuries may mean benefits are available to you.

Korean War veterans’ benefits are extended to those who served for a number of reasons. Read on to learn about the help that is available to you and your family if you are a veteran of the Korean War.

Benefits for Cold-Related Injuries

Disabling conditions related to extreme cold could include cancer from frostbite scars, fallen arches, stiff toe, arthritis, and cold sensitization. As a veteran ages, these conditions may become more severe and treatment becomes even more critical.

Diabetes or peripheral vascular disease are two possible results of complications from cold injuries. If you are struggling with diseases or conditions connected to your service in the Korean War, learn more about the benefits available to you by visiting the VA’s webpage on cold injuries.

Korean War Veterans Exposed to Ionizing Radiation

Exposure to ionizing radiation during military service may have happened to Korean War veterans if they took part in any of the on-site testing of a nuclear device.

The VA offers radiation testing through the Radiation Registry health exam, provided at no cost to veterans of the Korean War. Treatment can be provided by the VA’s War Related Illness and Injury Study Centers.

To learn more about radiation exposure and treatment through the VA, visit the administration’s webpage on radiation.

For more information on the benefits available to veterans of the Korean War, visit I Am A Korean War Veteran on the VA’s website.

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