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Veterans diagnosed with a personality disorder while serving may be denied the benefits they desperately need.

Personality disorder is not recognized by the VA as a compensable mental illness. In fact, a soldier may receive a diagnosis of a personality disorder, even if they are suffering from a legitimate illness, with the intent of preventing him or her from seeking disability benefits.

If your disability claim was denied on account of a personality disorder diagnosis, Vets National Advocates is here to help. Let us fight for the benefits you deserve.

Personality Disorders and Denial of Benefits

Although personality disorder is a legitimate mental illness, it is not one that is recognized by the VA. Because personality disorders typically emerge in pre-adolescence, a diagnosis could disqualify troops for lifelong benefits on a technicality.

The Vietnam Veterans of America estimates that diagnoses of personality disorder have saved the U.S. Department of Defense $4.5 billion in medical care and $8 billion in disability compensation by discharging disabled service members under this condition.

Service members are rigorously evaluated for the presence of personality disorder prior to their entry into the military. If a personality disorder existed, it would most likely be obvious at that time. When clinicians falsely use the diagnosis of personality disorder to unfairly disqualify troops who may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or adjustment disorder, the service member does not get the benefits they deserve.

What is Adjustment Disorder?

Some service members may develop adjustment disorder between three and six months of service due to the stress of their new situation. It is separate from PTSD and, like personality disorder, is not recognized by the VA as a compensable mental illness for veterans.

Get Help for Military Personality Disorder Today

Even if you received a diagnosis of military personality disorder, you may still be eligible for veterans disability benefits. Clinicians have a responsibility to correctly identify and diagnose the conditions service members may suffer from, and if your benefits were denied because of a personality disorder diagnosis, contact Vets National Advocates for help immediately.

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