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Publications For and By Veterans

In addition to the fact sheets, books and other publications for veterans offered by the Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs, many private publications are also available to keep servicemen and women, veterans, military spouses and families up-to-date on the latest military news.

Some of these publications include: 


Vanguard is a publication created by those who work for the VA. The online, quarterly publication focuses on stories from workplaces such as health offices that focus on helping veterans. Visit www.va.gov to view the latest edition.

U.S. Veterans Magazine

Available in print or online, U.S. Veterans Magazine offers the latest veteran news covering almost every industry that stems to help veterans find work and other business opportunities. Learn more at www.usuveteransmagazine.com.

American Veteran Magazine

Produced by the Communications Department at AMVETS, the American Veteran Magazine is published quarterly and has been since 1946. The magazine features issues affecting active duty service members and veterans. Visit www.amvets.org to learn more about becoming a member of AMVETS and how to subscribe to the magazine.

VFW Magazine

As the official publication of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW magazine has served as the official voice of veterans overseas since 1904. Digital editions may be viewed at www.vfw.org.

Veteran’s Hour

The Veteran’s Hour is a privately owned online publication. Run by volunteers, the veterans’ newspaper offers a bulletin board, opinion pieces and delves into each of the most recent wars including the Iraq War, Vietnam and the Gulf War. Visit www.veteranshour.com to learn more.

Veteran’s Today

Veterans Today is an online journal for members of the military and veteran communities. The publication covers topics from health to the economy to politics and vets news. Visit www.veteranstoday.com to learn more.

Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes is an independent news publication that has been published since World War II. The online and print newspaper offers national and international news, sports and opinion columns. The newspaper has one of the widest distribution ranges of any newspaper and covers more than 40 countries where there are U.S. bases, posts and service members. Visit www.stripes.com to read the online edition.

For more publications for veterans, visit the Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs on the VA’s website.



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