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Veteran Benefits Claims

types of veterans disability claims

There are many types of veterans disability claims. Veterans may be entitled to disability compensation for injuries they incurred during service, prior disabilities made worse during service, or post-service disabilities that are service-connected.

Trying to determine if you’re qualified for disability compensation can be difficult. Browse the information below to learn more about eligibility, filing and appealing a claim, disability ratings, special circumstances, and more.

Disability Benefits

filing a disability claim for VA benefitsWhat is disability compensation? Who is eligible? Find out what you need to know about filing a disability benefits claim with the VA.

Denied Claims

filing an appeal for denied veterans benefits claimsWhat should you do if your veterans benefits were denied? Find out about the appeals process and options for a denied disability claim.

Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

military sexual trauma VA claimsMilitary sexual trauma is an indefensible breach of trust. Find out how you can file a claim for disability benefits if you are a victim of MST.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder disability claimsPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious disability for many veterans. Learn more about eligibility and the PTSD claims process.

Agent Orange Claims

Agent Orange disability claimsLearn about eligibility for Agent Orange claims for veterans, surviving family members, and children of servicemembers exposed in Vietnam.

Survivors Benefits

Survivors Benefits for Military FamiliesDeath, burial, and pension benefits are extended to families who have lost a soldier. Find out about qualifications and how to file.

Mental Health Claims

Mental health & psychiatric disability claims for veteransMany veterans qualify for compensation because of a mental health disorder or psychiatric disability. Learn about disability ratings and more.

Pension Benefits

veterans pension benefits claimsAre you eligible for a veterans pension through the VA? Get information on eligibility, compensation amounts and more.

Aid & Attendance

Aid & attendance benefits for veterans and surviving spousesVeterans and spouses who are housebound or in need of regular assistance may qualify for special compensation. Do you qualify?

TDIU Benefits

Total disability individual unemployability benefitsAre you eligible for Total Disability Individual Unemployability benefits? Get information on eligibility, how to apply and more.

TBI & Head Injuries

Head injuries & traumatic brain injury claims for veteransTraumatic brain injury (TBI) and other head trauma is prevalent among our veterans. Learn about available compensation.

Personality Disorders

personality disorder claims for veteransMany veterans are denied disability benefits if they are diagnosed with a pre-service personality disorder. Have you been denied?

Heart Disease

Veterans disability claims for heart diseaseHeart disease is commonly linked to some service-connected disabilities. Does your cardiovascular condition qualify for benefits?

Severe Back Injuries

back injury disability claims for veteransMany vets suffer from debilitating back injuries after returning home. Learn about qualifying for disability benefits for a severe back injury.

Neurological Disorders

Veterans disability claims for neurological disordersSome of the most debilitating service-connected injuries are invisible. Learn about veterans benefits for neurological disorders.

Class Action Lawsuits

class action lawsuits that veterans may qualify to joinMany vets take pharmaceuticals or are implanted with medical devices, and may qualify for class action lawsuits if one is found defective.

Getting Help for Your Benefits Claim

A 2011 audit of the VA conducted internally by the Inspector General revealed that claims were being improperly processed in 23% of the 45,000 claims inspected. 

These errors led to improper claim denials or disability ratings that were too low for their circumstances.

If your claim was denied, or you believe you should be rated higher, Vets National Advocates is prepared to fight for you. We can help you appeal the denial and fight to recover the disability benefits you deserve.

You deserve the disability benefits you’ve earned defending our freedom.
Fill out our consultation form on this page to get started with your claims appeal, or call 1 (877)777-4021 today.



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