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The VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) serves a unique function in the VA. OIG audits, evaluates and resolves issues pertaining to veteran service providers in the VA system. The organization works to ensure that government funds are not wasted. By reducing inefficiencies, creating greater accountability and levying criminal fines and penalties, the OIG ensures that all veterans have access to a high quality health care at a reasonable cost. 

Within the Office of Inspector General, many sub-organizations provide invaluable assistance. For instance, the Counselor to the Inspector General provides independent legal advice to the Inspector General and conducts all appropriate contract reviews. Additionally, the Healthcare Inspections program reviews and audits the VA medical centers across the nation to ensure that nationwide healthcare programs serving veterans meet and exceed expectations.

Oversight & Management

The Immediate Office of the Inspector General evaluates the effectiveness of those VA programs which provide direct services to veterans. The Immediate Office is the hub of the Office of Inspector General and coordinates external communications with the public, the federal government and all other organizations serving veterans through the VA.

To learn more, visit the Office of Inspector General on the VA’s website.



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