Cost of Living Hike for Disabled Veterans

budget planningCongress is set to approve a cost of living hike for veterans in 2016. However, veterans and federal officials will not know how much the hike is for another two months. The increase will be announced in October, when the Social Security hike is also announced. 

If you are in physical or psychological pain from your service in the U.S. military you should apply for veterans disability benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The advocates at Vets National Advocates have years of experience in successfully supporting veterans in appealing denied claims. We strive to provide veterans with important knowledge that can enhance their overall quality of life, so that they can make the best, informed and available decisions possible.

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With legislative procedures underway, House members have unanimously agreed to increase adjustments for payouts that are in step with inflation. These payouts will include rent costs and general costs of living.

This legislation is usually not controversial, but will have to be formalized since these increases are not automatic.  This year has been the third year in a row that Social Security and Veterans benefits have increased by less than two percent. 

Other new house legislation provisions up for a vote will include a presidential authorization of a Moment of Silence every Veterans Day, in addition to handling how claims processors are trained. 

Another new provision includes that the Veteran Affairs Department will be required to continue paying out accrued benefits to the estate of a deceased veteran, until all potential beneficiaries are determined.  This will ensure that potential and appropriate recipients are named before benefits are canceled or withheld. 

Although we are not veterans disability benefits lawyers, we do offer years of experience navigating the Department of Veteran Affairs. Contact Mattar Veterans today to see how you can start working toward getting the benefits you rightfully deserve. 

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