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Donate to Support Veterans

Our veterans keep this country safe, and ask for little in return. We have an obligation to support them during and after their military service. You can honor the sacrifice of veterans donating your money or time to various organizations who support our troops.

There are hundreds of veterans organizations around the country who need your help. If you arent sure who should receive your time or resources, consider donating to a group that has a purpose with which you agree.

Support VA Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Your local VA hospitals are always in need of resources and volunteers. Through the VAs website, you can make a financial contribution online to the VA hospital or health care system of your choice. These donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt with your gift.

In addition, you can donate or volunteer in person at your local VA Medical Center. Either contact the VA Voluntary Service Office for your local facility, or provide your contact information through the website to set up a time to volunteer.

Support Veterans Causes

Many people have causes which are close to their heart. For any veterans cause you can think of, there is an organization which needs your help. Some common veterans causes include:

Support Veterans Service Organizations

Veterans Service Organizations provide a wide variety of help and support to active military members and veterans. A donation to one of these organizations can help troops before, during, and after their service. These organizations also campaign for veterans rights, and lobby to pass laws supporting veterans. Some of the largest VSOs are:

A complete list of every VSO registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs can be found on the VAs website.

Support Your Local Veterans

If you would like to make sure that your time and money goes to support local veterans, you can contact your state Veterans Affairs Office, who will be able to give you contact information for local veterans support groups. Additionally, many large organizations have state-wide chapters or chapters located in major metro areas which also need your support.

No matter where you choose to donate your money or your time, the attorneys at Vets National Advocates thank you for choosing to give back to the veterans who have given our country so much!




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