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How to Help Returning Veterans Adjust After Life in the Military

adjusting to civilian lifeReturning home from service can be difficult for many veterans, including those who suffered combat trauma.

At Vets National Advocates we understand how difficult it can be to adjust to life after the military, especially if you are unable to get the help you need from the government. If you need help obtaining the military benefits you deserve, call us at 877-777-4021 for a free consultation.

If you or a loved one is a returning veteran, there are some things that can help make the adjustment to civilian life a little easier.

  1. Get good, quality sleep. Whether youre a returning veteran or their loved one, it is critical that vets get quality sleep. Sleep is very important for the brain and unfortunately, many veterans suffer from loss of sleep. Difficulty sleeping is also a common sign of PTSD.
  2. Listen and learn. Listening to a veteran, learning more about their experiences and caring about those experiences, rather than pushing them away as being in the past is important. By listening, learning and caring, you can help a veteran cope with their experiences and/or trauma.
  3. Understand psychological injuries. Although a veteran may not have suffered physical injuries, many carry psychological injuries with them after combat. Additionally, moral injuries, those in which a veteran was betrayed by someone who held a position of authority, may also lead to a feeling of humiliation or having been exploited.
  4. Help them reconnect. When a veteran has been away for an extended period of time, families may have created new routines. Be sure to incorporate them into these new routines rather than assume that they will simply get used to it.
  5. Seek assistance. Whether you decide to seek family therapy or as a veteran seek out assistance from the VA, getting help can aid veterans in making great strides in adjusting to civilian life.

Vets National Advocates exists to help veterans whose disability claims have been unfairly denied. If you have suffered physical or psychological trauma during your time in the military and are now unable to get the help you need, contact us.

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