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Government Partners with Energy Groups to Employ Veterans

Veterans AdvocatesFor those returning from war, the transition back into civilian life can be a difficult one and transferring military skills to everyday life is not always easy.

Furthermore, post 9/11 returning service members have historically had higher unemployment rates than other generations of veterans as well as civilians.

At Vets National Advocates, we understand the complications that can arise when adjusting to life after the military. If you are not receiving the veterans disability benefits that you deserve, we can help you appeal your denied claim.

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Luckily for the unemployed, the Department of Energy has partnered with other government agencies and major trade energy associations to recruit, train and employ veterans and their families.

According to Tom Kuhn, president of Edison Electric Institute, a partner in the new initiative, the rapidly growing energy industry is facing significant retirements in their existing workforce and are enthusiastically looking for new solutions for identifying a skilled and innovative workforce for the future.

He says the many skills that veterans gained while in the military, such as focus, leadership and team orientation, are exactly the skills the industry needs.

Additionally, the Obama administration is beefing up its Solar Ready Vets initiative with a goal of training 75,000 people, including veterans, to enter the solar power industry by 2020.

With approximately 200,000 veterans leaving the military every year, the government owes it to these heroes to help them identify and secure jobs in the civilian world.

Vets National Advocates

In addition to struggling to find employment, many returning veterans are living with effects from their deployment, whether they were injured overseas or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or other health complications that are service-related.

If you or someone you love is struggling to receive the disability benefits you need and your claim has been denied, our experienced advocates can help you with the appeals process.

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