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You fought for your country. After completing your service, you want to provide for and protect your family as well. Multiple resources exist to help veterans maintain a stable financial life after completing their service.

If you need assistance with starting a small business, choosing the right insurance, or applying for pension benefits, Vets National Advocates has the resources you need to get started.

Veteran Business Owners

Many veterans seek to use the skills they learned while in the armed services to start their own business.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, many federal and private organizations can provide you with the help you need to make your business venture a success, become a federal contractor, and more.

Grants and Loans

The VA does not provide financing to veterans looking to start or expand a business.

Instead, this task has been given to the Small Business Administration, which offers several programs to help all small business owners, as well as special programs for veteran-owned businesses.

Life Insurance Benefits

During military service, you are eligible for life and traumatic injury insurance at a low monthly rate.

Coverage can continue even after your discharge, in the form of veterans’ life insurance. The VA’s large pool of insured servicemembers and veterans passes affordable coverage on to you & your family.

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