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VA Benefit Payment Rates

The VA offers monthly benefits to veterans who need monetary assistance due to disability or disease as well as for surviving spouses, dependent children and dependent parents.

Some specific types of current compensation benefits include:

  • Veteran’s compensation
  • Special monthly compensation
  • Dependent indemnity compensation
  • Parents DIC
  • Birth defects

How Can I Find Out How Much I Will Receive?

Benefit rates can vary based on the type of compensation rates you may be entitled to, whether or not you have dependents and the percentage of your disability.

The VA calculates benefits rates based on evidence you submitted as part of your claim or that they obtained from military records. You may be paid additional amounts if you have a severe disability or loss of limb(s), have dependents or have a seriously disabled spouse.

Additionally, the VA will periodically make cost-of-living adjustments to ensure that benefits are not eroded by inflation.

The VA Compensation benefits Rates Tables give a glimpse into how much a veteran may receive based on their dependent status.

To learn more and to view compensation rate tables, visit Compensation on the VA’s website.



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