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The resources below have been gathered to help you find links to programs and services provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Numerous agencies and programs exist to aid our nation’s veterans, including systems for fraud reporting, reporting quality of care issues to help ensure our nation’s veterans are receiving the treatment they deserve, and programs to help keep up with healthcare needs.

Additionally, below you’ll find information on various government offices that maintain the programs and services put in place by the VA, such as the Office of Inspector General and the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs.

The Veterans Affairs team at Vets National Advocates can assist you or your loved one in claiming the disability compensation you deserve.

Government Accountability Office Fraud Reporting Hotline

The FraudNet service provided by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) offers an automated means of reporting allegations of fraudulent activity. Those allegations are then referred to the Inspector General and investigated as applicable.

Reporting Quality of Care Issues

If you or a loved one are not receiving quality medical care from a VA facility, you should report this treatment to your Patient Advocate at your local VA, your VA facility director, or The Joint Commission, which accredits VA hospitals.

VA Office of Inspector General

The Inspector General provides executive leadership and sets strategic direction for independent oversight and investigations of the second largest department in the federal government, the Department of Veterans Affairs.

VA Inspector General Hotline

The Office of the Inspector General’s Fraud Hotline helps to ensure the proper and efficient use of government resources and taxpayer monies to care for U.S. veterans. If you suspect criminal activity, fraud, waste, abuse and/or mismanagement of VA programs and operations, you can report it to the OIG Hotline.

My HealtheVet

A My HealtheVet account empowers veterans to take control of their healthcare. This service offers an online portal where vets can set appointments with healthcare providers, refill prescriptions through the VA and access critical personal and medical information.

Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs

This group deals with oversight of issues affecting U.S. veterans. Its jurisdiction includes bills relating to veterans, military affairs and armories, as well as bills amending the Military and Veterans Code.

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